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Nueva version WT 4.19.0

Desde Francia uno de los más usados
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Nueva version WT 4.19.0

Mensaje por EC1KR » 15 Oct 2015, 18:42

73 de EC1KR



Win-Test version 4.19.0 is now available for download: [full, 14 MB] ... update.exe [update, 6.5 MB]

As usual, use your login / password to access the download area.


4.19.0 (Oct. 15, 2015)

- CAUTION: New network protocol version 1.29 released

Reminder: If you use WT in a networked environment, you must have
the same WT version on all machines!

- Status Wnd (Alt-J) : Best effort to display the TX freq of the
radios. Radio brand and model dependent. Tnx N6TV.

Note : Icom users will need the latest Icom firmware, and the latest
OmniRig rig definition files (check the N6TV files) to get chances
to see VFO B displayed for Icom radios, especially if they want to
use split mode.

- Bugfix : SAC contest : This contest wasn't displayed in October
if the "This month only" checkbox was enabled despite the SSB leg
takes place in October. Tnx F5LIW.

- Experimental : VHF+ spots : When the comment is using the
"Locator<Prop>Locator" format, the second locator is now
considered as the DX locator. Tnx G3ZAY, F5HRY.

- Bugfix : Rate Wnd (Alt-R). Various QSO rate statistics were
wrong. Tnx CT1BOH.

- Radio Wnd : Spot mode (according to the used band plan) added in
the tooltip text.

- Bugfix : FT1000 : The TRX was switched to RTTY-USB for high bands
instead of RTTY-LSB. Tnx DL6RAI @ P49V.



Larry - F6FVY

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73 de Jesus EC1KR / ED1R